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TRACK: My Immortal
ARTIST: Kidz Bop Kids
ALBUM: Kidz Bop 6


Kidz Bop - My Immortal




If I ever get married, this will be something I live by.

I see too many people throwing their marriages away when the relationship is totally salvageable. Here’s an idea: maybe you shouldn’t be getting married if you’re not willing to put the effort into your fucking relationship. People are fucking stupid.

Wait, who is OP to determine for other people whether their marriages are “salvageable”?

op is from a better time, you see. where people were grateful and hard working and stuff. not like today. everyone in this generation is a loser.



A day to day account of nothing special.: Women



Don’t get angry when men call you a slut for sleeping around. There is no “double standard”. Men that sleep around are only idolized by other men that do the same. Normal, decent men, don’t do this. If you want to be a slut, be a slut… Just like men that want to be pigs can be pigs… but accept the title when it comes. You deserve it.

Drinking so much that you black out and screw the next guy you see is not rape. You don’t deserve to categorize yourself with women who have been forcibly beaten and sexually assaulted or with women who have been unknowingly drugged and made incapable of fighting off unwanted sexual advances by a sexual predator. You chose to drink too much. You chose not to care what happened. Live with the consequences.

Don’t make yourself look like a tramp if you don’t want to be objectified. Men don’t go out to the club shirtless or with their dick flapping around in a banana hammock for everyone to see, do they? Do you know why? Because it’s trashy. If you want to be more than some sexual object, then act like it.

The pursuit of equality is not an exemption from taking responsibility for your actions. I firmly believe that women need to be treated as equals, and I know we’re not there yet in a lot of ways (wages, employment, custody, etc.), but I’ve seen too many complaints about each of the above points from self-claimed “feminists” that want to be treated as “equals”. Frankly, however, ideals such as these are disgustingly selfish and immature when compared to the goals of actual feminists…

Grow up, ladies.

okay, let’s shoot this shit down with truth bullets.

1. you know what? i sleep around like fuck. i like fucking boys and girls, even ones i don’t love, or even necessarily have any feelings for! and that doesn’t make me a slut. you know what it makes me? a person who likes sex. it doesn’t make me any better or any worse than anyone else. it doesn’t mean i’m stupid, incapable of feeling anything, or a “pig.”  some people like cake. i like having threesomes where i’m anally penetrated while going down on a girl. what’s the difference, really?

so what i do with my lady bits is none of your business. if i sleep with you, then sleep with everyone in your family in your bed, and then masturbate vigorously with your toothbrush, okay, we can talk about how my having sex makes me a bad person. but barring that, i’m just a person who enjoys something that most people do. and if most people didn’t enjoy doing it, you wouldn’t be here. you are literally the result of thousands of years of HUMPING.

2. there’s actually a great quote about this, which i spent the time to find for your viewing pleasure: “If a woman drinks to excess, then falls over in the street, loses her wallet and vomits all over her shirt, she has only herself to blame. But rape is not a consequence of getting drunk. It’s a consequence of someone deciding to rape another person.” if i get drunk, the consequence is getting drunk. that is the only consequence. if i get raped, there is no reason other than that someone decided to rape me. old women get raped. children get raped. sober people get raped. stoned people get raped. rape fucking happens, and it can happen to anyone.

and okay, what about the fake rape reports, you might ask? the girls who got wasted and had sex and then regretted it because the guy didn’t call back? studies show that there are no more false rape reports than of other violent crimes, which is to say, 2-8 percent. now, every two minutes, someone in the US is sexually assaulted. which of those numbers do you think you should be more worried about?

3. to your last point, now, about women who choose to dress in a way other than you approve. it might please you to know that most of these women actually aren’t dressing up for you! in fact, they’re dressing for hundreds of reasons, most of which don’t include you at all.

speaking as a real, live woman, i’ll explain some of the motivations for how i dress.

  • the weather. i live in 100 degree heat. i don’t care if my boobs intimidate you, i will not wear a turtleneck, because if i do, i will get heatstroke and have to spend my day sitting in a cold bath and crying.
  • i have a date later. and maybe i want to be sexy for them, and evolution says that sexy is showing off your boobs, so you’ll know that i will be able to feed babies. if you have a problem with that, then go fight with god or darwin or the monkeys. i didn’t choose it.
  • i feel like showing my tits because tits are awesome and everyone likes them and they’re basically big blobs of fun but that still doesn’t mean you can rape me.
  • i got a cute new outfit.
  • my legs are suddenly super skinny and i want everyone to know it, dammit! (this is a wish, not a reality)
  • the fabric is nice so i don’t care what the shape is.

no matter what, though, i’m not going to change my whole wardrobe and dress with you in mind. are you really that egocentric that you think every woman alive is dressing for you to check out? just like you have favorite shirts and pants, i have the same. and sometimes, i like wearing out what i want to wear. that doesn’t mean i’m asking to be catcalled or treated like a sex object. you can’t get away with treating me like less of a human being because you don’t like my outfit.


in summation: yes, feminism is about equality. and that means treating humans fairly, regardless of gender. maybe quit judging anyone based on how the dress, how much sex they’ve had, or how much they’ve had to drink. maybe treat everyone with respect, even if you disagree with them. maybe don’t rape anyone. 

all i want is to keep my clothes, get drunk with friends on occasion, and not get raped.

is that too much to ask?

because you’re telling me that it is.

and since you’re being demeaning:

how about you grow up and realize the world doesn’t revolve around you? it’s not my job to change in case you can’t rape me. it’s your job not to rape anyone.

OP’s such an ass. “You want to be treated with decency and respect? Then here, meet all these personal requirements of mine!” - and the requirements can’t be anything like “be a decent person yourself and respect other humans” or maybe “be honest, be kind, etc etc”. Why not, I wonder … eh, probably because going with stuff like that deals with women as people rather than objects, and he seems so eager to define them as the latter.











“Thats right, you caused it “ladies”. I have had enough.”


He’s abandoned the idea of women altogether. 

Damn, ladies. it’s been a fun ride, existing in this guy’s brain for this long, but nothing lasts forever I guess. 

What is this? Some kind of shitty hipster manifesto?

I want to do a dramatic reading of this over bongo drums, unfortunately, there would be dipshits who would think I was serious.

This is sadlarious.

given the responses. it seems the troll is winning -__-

He’s not a troll, MGTOW is a real thing. He’s a pretty typical ”men’s rights activist”. 

Okcupid guys kill me. He should have just deleted his profile and went and mansplained to his bros at his little MRA meetings….smh.

I like how he made it seem like ONLY men die in the military fighting.

Typical dickweed MRA.

No one wanting to date you is not the same as a “marriage strike,” dudebro.

Sometimes people ask me who Men’s Rights Activists are, or why I hate them so much. This encapsulates it pretty nicely. Women are evil manipulative scheming bitches, feminism is an “evil hate cult,” women are to blame for everything bad that’s ever happened to men. And men are so persecuted and oppressed by women that the only possible place they can express their feelings is… on a dating site?





Conceivably, if the book had not reached the African-American community of readers, if such a category still exists, perhaps there might be some backlash

so apparently save the pearls author, victoria foyt, is unsure if black kids actually read.


Missturdle gave me this gem from the article

Her love interest, Bramford, is a Coal. So yeah, this is about an interracial relationship in a post-apocalyptic world. Or more narrowly, if you take out the question of race, a Beauty and the Beast story in which both parties must find self-acceptance (no story spoilers) before they can discover true love.

Not too many years ago, I can imagine that this story might have generated heated comments about the sexualized fantasies about black men. And yeah, there was one. And having checked out that blogger, I strongly suspect that he belongs to a much older generation than young adults.

Otherwise, I’m happily surprised to say there has been not a blip of protest.

So yeah, I guess that “powerful, beastly man who she believes is her enemy” quote is indeed describing a Black character.

“Soap-mouth-washing words that were forbidden in my youth now populate rap songs so often I wonder if, happily, they have lost their vile connotations.”


“Imagine this: a fourth grade girl with wild curly hair, huge green eyes and large bee-stung lips, her skin perpetually tanned from the Florida sun, stands alone waiting for her mother to pick her up after school. A large yellow school bus begins to pull away when a young boy sticks his head out of the window and hurls a racial slur at the girl.

Her first reaction is shame. He has slandered her with an ugly epithet — a disgusting remark about her lips. Later, she wonders how he could possibly have mistaken her race. She is white, the remark usually targeted at blacks. (The term “African American” did not exist in that day.)

Confused and hurt, she wonders why her appearance should elicit such hatred. She hides this incident in the back of her mind and never repeats it to anyone until many years later when she writes a book in which she turns racial stereotypes upside down.”

OH MY GOD YOU POOR THING. You were called a slur that was ~reserved for black people~ once when you were a kid. YOU HAVE BEEN SO WRONGED.

“bee-stung lips”

I dunno, for some reason that phrase gets me right in the heart-region.

My lips are one of my favorite features, and I wasn’t always like that, in fact it’s one of those radical self love things that I didn’t come into right away, and to hear Foyt just toss that out there…wow. Like, not even “full lips.” Just bee-stung. Negative thing. Unnatural. Other.

Ouch, yo.

~*Fuuuuck her*~




I’m laughing so hard like what is going through this poor womens head

“gay people were imported in 1971 this has made a lot of people angry and is widely regarded as a bad move”







Chick-fil-A Got Caught Pretending to Be a Teenage Girl on Facebook 

So apparently in a half-assed attempt to maintain their company’s shitty public image, Chick-fil-A  is now having their PR team members pose as fake people on Facebook to talk positively about their bigoted company. This all comes in response to Chick-fil-A’s COO admitted to being anti-gay,  which caused the Jim Henson Company to pull their toys from Chick-fil-A’s kids meals. In retaliation Chick-fil-A claimed the toys were pulled because of a “possible safety issue” (even though there are no safety issues filed to this day) because its a total fucking lie. This lie is something they are propagating with fake Facebook accounts of Chick-fil-a sympathizes. Not only was the company called out about creating fake user accounts on their own Facebook page, but they were revealed to be using stock photo images for their fake user accounts too. 

I would hate for people to lose their jobs in this economy, but my gut feeling towards Chick-fil-A right now is that it needs to burn to the ground. What a sleazy company. And if memory serves me, isn’t lying something Christians are not supposed to do?

“Thou shalt not bear false witness” is actually one of the Ten Commandments (“Thou shalt keep marriage between one man and one women” isn’t on the list at all.)

In which Chick-Fil-A has the worst PR campaign.

oh my god


i can’t even be mad










Because nothing brings Americans together like hating on gay people!

I had some creep say he was looking out for me (with a gun) for talking about this yesterday.

Just good homespun folks, is all.

Look at them lining up like a Parade of Douches.

You are making me sad, America.

Just putting my two cents in. There is nothing saying they hate gays. What they’re doing is standing up for a man’s right to say his opinion freely. It’s his restaurant- He’s entitled to say whatever he goddamn wants. If the CEO of McDonald’s came out and proclaimed that they were atheist and thought God didn’t exist, and then wanted to start a restaurant in the bible belt- And say those states refused to let them because they’re offended due to their religion- There would be a fucking outcry about how wrong it was. If people want fair treatment then fucking treat others the way you want.

I just have a lot to say about this issue.


Just so you understand how shit ties together: The money you give to Chick-Fil-A for those chicken sandwiches that you treat like crack? Yeah, they use that money to support groups like The Fellowship, the primary architect and instigator of all the anti-gay legislation and sentiment in Uganda.

Nah. I’m not going to let you be comfortable with your complicity. If your God supports this, then your God is a giant bigot.

^^ all of that up there

It’s fine that the guy doesn’t agree with gay marriage.  I’m not hating on him for that (even if I do highly disagree).  What I don’t appreciate is that they’re openly giving money towards anti-gay legislation, and at the SAME TIME, they are trying to say that they aren’t disparaging anyone.  THAT shit don’t fly with me.

Besides every time I’ve gone there in the past year, my stomach has exploded as a result.

This is a common misinterpretation of what the free speech provision of the 1st Amendment does.

It does not mean “people are allowed to say whatever they want and you have to respect that.”  This would for one be an anathema to discourse, and two, is ultimately meaningless because it would be impossible to guarantee.  Ultimately though, that interpretation of the 1st Amendment changes it from a guaranteed right to an implicit demand.  You must accept opinions as valid no matter how much you disagree.  Thankfully that’s not what it actually does.

The 1st Amendment guarantees that you will not be prosecuted or restricted by the government for your speech.  You can say truly stupid crap like “Obama is actually a secret Muslim” and the government will do nothing.  You can even get together with your equally stupid friends and talk about how Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim communist fascist at weekly Stupid Asshole meetings because of the right to assembly.  The government is prohibited by the 1st Amendment from stopping you because it is your right.  

What the 1st Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with is people getting angry at you for your choices or opinions.  Challenging them is not a challenge to your fundamental rights as an American citizen as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, but the very core of what makes democratic societies work:  An engaged and informed electorate.  That the country, made up of its people, fights these issues out in the public space in a sometimes bitter fashion is the very thing the Founders hoped the structure of their new government would achieve.  

Being ignorant of how the Bill of Rights works, and the way the law of the land fits into how you as a citizen with the privilege of voting and participating in national debates even works, could be argued is the least American thing you can be.

Damn Shorts, but you know how to say it.


Say What Now of the Day: The requirement that health insurers cover contraception went into effect today, and here’s what Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly had to say about it:

I know in your mind you can think of times when America was attacked. One is December 7th, that’s Pearl Harbor day.  The other is September 11th, and that’s the day of the terrorist attack. I want you to remember August the 1st, 2012, the attack on our religious freedom. That is a day that will live in infamy, along with those other dates.


Racebending.com: hydri: She used the “calling me racist make you a racist”...


She used the “calling me racist make you a racist” argument.

So, calling out your usage of blackface in your book is racist?

” Without reading the novel or understanding the premise, some believe that the photo shows the girl in ‘blackface’. Nothing could be further from the…